Welcome to 604 Studios

Located in the headquarters of noted Vancouver independent record label 604 Records, 604 Studios is a new state-of-the-art recording facility professionally designed to accommodate the new music business. Four studios and a soundstage can be used separately or in combination to produce sound recordings, videos and other visual content, as well as to broadcast live stream events to multiple platforms.

At the heart of the studio is the legendary SSL 4048E ‘Little Mountain’ 48 channel analogue console with total recall, famously used on recordings by Motley Crue, Aerosmith and Bon Jovi among others, as well as a full complement of outboard gear and microphones. Although only recently opened, the studio has already produced multiple gold and platinum records. The soundstage is fully outfitted with professional lighting and power sources and has been used for music videos, streaming events, live performances, photoshoots, and audio recording.

Located in the Railtown, which is quickly becoming the heart of the entertainment industry in Vancouver, 604 Studios is positioned to be a creative hub for years to come.

Outboard Gear

SSL 4048E
Behringer X32 with MIDAS DL251 Stage Box
Telefunken CU-29 (Stereo Matched Pair)
Telefunken ELA M260
Telefunken M80 (x4)
DPA D:Facto
Royer 121 (Stereo Matched Pair)
Neuman U87ai
Blue Cactus
Neuman KM86 (x2)
Neuman TLM 103
Neuman KM184 (x2)
AKG451 EB (x2)
AKG Solidtube
Rode NT1000 (x2)
Rode NTK (x2)
Beyerdynamic M160
Sennheiser 421 (x6)
Electrovoice RE-20
Shure SM7b, Shure Beta52, Shure SM57 Dynamic (x5)
Avalon – Pure Class A – High Voltage Ultra Five Direct
Universal Audio – 4-710d Preamp
Empirical Labs EL8-X Distresser
Universal Audio 1176LN (x2)
Neve 1084 Preamp/EQ (x4)
SSL G384 Buss Compressor
Focusrite RED Stereo Compressor
GML Model 8200 II 5-Band Parametric Equalizer
Universal Audio Teletronix LA-2A Leveling Amplifier
Sonic Farm – Creamer C+ Dual Channel Microphone Preamplifier
Sonic Farm – 2DI4 Direct Injection Box
Tech 21 Sansamp RBI Rackmount Bass Tube Amp Emulator
2 Epiphone Masterbuilt Acoustic Guitars
Gibson Les Paul
Hammond Organ + Leslie Speaker
Roger & Sons Baby Grand Piano
Genelec 1031A Monitors (pair)
Yamaha NS10 Nearfield Monitors (pair)
Dynaudio Acoustics BM15a Studio Monitors (pair)
Mackie HR824 High Resolution Studio Monitors (pair)
Sennheiser G4 IEM x 5
ATH M40fs (x2)
Fostex T20RP
Fostex T40RP
VicFirth Drum Isolated Headphones
Behringer P16M Headphone Mixers (x6)
Behringer P16-I Headphone Interface
Pro Tools HDX3 System, AVID Converters, Apple Mac Pro
Logic Pro X

Live Room

300 ft² Live Room with Baby Grand Piano

Spacious 34’ x 24’ room with 14′ ceiling

Sound Stage

Professionally designed to meet the need for artists to create video content with first class audio, the facility includes a fully equipped soundstage wired for streaming, as well as audio recording through the console in the adjacent sound recording studio. Events can be live-streamed and recorded simultaneously for rebroadcast or to make sound recordings for future use.

The spacious 34’ x 24’ room with ceiling at 14’ to the joists can accommodate a variety of projects. Natural light flows through the transom windows and loading bay doors, but the room can also be blacked out with the remote-controlled blinds.

Equipment List

  • Four Image 87 kino flo units, w/ egg crates, and cardellini clamps
  • Dracast Bicolor LED Fresnel 1000W Lights x6, Chauvet Stage Designer 50 (24/48 Channel Console)
  • Chauvet Data Stream 4 (DMX 512 Optical Splitter) available for an additional fee

  • Streaming equipment and in-house technician available for an additional fee

  • 816 ft² Sound Stage (34′ x 24′)
  • Cyclorama
  • Green Screen
  • Black Velvet Drape

  • Well-lit Makeup Bar
  • Kitchen
  • Paint Sink
  • Bathroom with Shower
  • Secure Loading Bay

Media Clips

Music & Video Recorded at 604 Studios

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